170 (Infra Sp) Engineering Group

170 (Infra Sp) Engineering Group is a specialised unit within the British Army, providing infrastructure support to all the British Forces, and Governments both in UK and Overseas. We are a hybrid organisation made up of half Regular and half Reserve personnel.

We have a number of specialised Works Groups;

  • Power
  • Airfields
  • Railway
  • Ports
  • Water
  • Fuels

We also have a number of smaller sections covering specialists such as Geology, Environment etc

The Reserve element of the Unit are always looking to recruit personnel with specialist qualifications, whether at a Graduate level or an experienced Engineer. The required commitment in the Unit is 19 days per year, however many personnel do a lot more than this.

There are on average 3 weekends per month organised, which will consist of;

  • Works Group Training
  • Military Training
  • Adventure Training
  • Specialist Training

There are many opportunities to be involved in live on-going projects across the globe, as well as in the UK.

  • We are an Engineering Group, and as such are interested in the qualifications and Experience that people will bring into our Organisation. We need people who are forward thinking, able to work under pressure, possibly overseas in area’s without the technology that would be expected in the UK, and able to establish good teamwork with Locally Employed Nationals. We are supporting the Women in Rail event as we are wanting to communicate the need for engineers within the Military, and the role that women can have within the Engineering establishments, and show them how they can realise their potential.