Skanska, Costain and STRABAG (SCS)

The Skanska, Costain and STRABAG (SCS) joint venture brings together an industry-leading combination of tried, tested and successful partnerships, world-wide high-speed rail experience and extensive national and regional knowledge. Our aim is to fast track Britain’s future and together we will work to support our local communities, create a better environment and leave a lasting positive legacy.

  • SCS value relationships and celebrate diversity of all types. Our partner companies with cultures from the UK, Sweden, Austria and Germany, already bring a diverse team together. We know people are at their best when they can be themselves so creating an inclusive culture is vital to us. Driving diversity and inclusion by bringing people together through events such as the Big Rail Diversity Challenge as well as internal networking groups, is how we share best practice across the industry.

    Plus, we enjoy a little competition now and then! Together we aim to attract people from diverse backgrounds, creating environments where are people feel valued, able to contribute and reach their potential. The Big Rail Diversity Challenge gives us an opportunity to show how successful our equal male / female teams can be, all whilst supporting the Railway Children Charitable Foundation. We are certainly looking forward to taking part!