Loram UK

Loram UK Ltd. specialises in rolling stock maintenance, refurbishment, overhauls and modifications, plus an array of track maintenance services and technologies including the industry’s most powerful rail grinding solutions. In addition, we are building the UK’s first rail grinder which we aim to have in action by 2025.Loram operates around the world from 6 regionally-located offices in North America (2), South America, the United Kingdom, Australia and India.

  • Loram UK are supporting The Big Rail Diversity Challenge and Women in Rail because we believe that a commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is essential to build a balanced and ever-growing industry. To show this we have recently signed the EDI charter and we will be sharing our progress made over the coming months..

    The Big Rail Diversity Challenge allows employees to feel respected and engaged which contributes to the motivation and levels of high-quality work. At Loram we are keen to create a sense of belonging for employees, and we believe that we can make this happen by shaping our culture and sharing the positive difference diversity brings to the workplace. We are committed to promoting EDI within the UK Rail Industry.

    Our overall aim is to add value to the succession of creating a railway fit for the future.

    Loram UK are really excited to play a part in this!