KeolisAmey Docklands

KeolisAmey Docklands (KAD) operates and maintains the Docklands Light Railway (DLR).  This is a joint venture between leading global transport operator Keolis and UK Rail and Asset Management industry expert, Amey.  Our role is to deliver a safe and reliable railway, every day, to over 124 million passengers per year.  We do this by operating and maintaining the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) on behalf of Transport for London (TfL) – that is 40km of track, 45 stations and 149 fully automated vehicles.  We have four staffed stations on the network and a Passenger Service Agent (PSA) on every fully automated train.

As the UK’s busiest Light Rail operator, we are dedicated to ensuring that ‘every journey matters’ for our customers and that we are providing them with the best possible travel experience.  All our people, from our customer facing teams and our engineers, to our support services team, play an important role in running the DLR.
We recognise that our people are our greatest asset. We value and celebrate the great passion and experience they have in operating and maintaining the DLR safely. We encourage all our people to ‘think like a customer’ and put them first in delivering service excellence every day, in everything we do.
At KeolisAmey Docklands, our core values: Delivering, Caring and Innovating are important to us. All our people embody these values in the way they approach their work.
  • KeolisAmey Docklands (KAD) is excited to support The BRDC. It’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our people and highlight how well all areas of our business come together to work as one team. We are a multi-disciplinary light rail business and enjoy finding ways to strengthen inter-departmental relationships, sharing our learning to support innovation. Events like The BRDC enables us to network and relationship-build across the industry as a whole. And it’s for a worthwhile cause, raising money for the Women in Rail charity who promote inclusion and equality of opportunity in an ever-evolving industry. At KeolisAmey Docklands we are proud that our people have always reflected the diversity of the communities we serve, this has enabled us to provide a service that meets a variety of needs. Events like the BRDC are a fun way for us to say to our people ‘you’re doing great, we couldn’t do it without you, let’s celebrate you!’