Innovation is in our DNA – we thrive on pushing boundaries and adapting to new challenges with a flexible approach. Proud to be a global leader, our fast-paced growth provides exciting opportunities for our team and the community. Committed to maintaining trains and trams, our mission is to enhance vehicle safety and reliability. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a comfortable, dependable, and sustainable commuting experience for all passengers. Based out of multiple locations across the UK, our 24/7 operation means we’re always on hand to deliver reliable technical support. Utilising the latest digital technology, we strive to enhance dependability, helping people to get to where they need to be! We wouldn’t be where we are without our people. Working together as a team, we strive to achieve great things while supporting each other to thrive along the way. 

  • We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture, with a focus on celebrating diversity at its core. The Big Rail Diversity Challenge unites our employees, not just from various teams within the organisation, but also from diverse walks of life, backgrounds, genders, and cultures.

    Our goal at CAF is to eliminate barriers, and The Big Rail Diversity Challenge underscores the significance of diversity in the workplace, showcasing the potential when diverse teams collaborate. The essence of BRDC is a message we aim to permeate throughout our organisation, sparking positive cultural change in all directions.

    Acknowledging the male-dominated nature of our industry, we support Women in Rail to provide a platform for women to connect, network, and relate to others in the field. Our collaboration with Women in Rail is vital in demonstrating our commitment to inclusivity, bridging the gender gap for current and future female employees.