TXM Consult

TXM Consult – part of the TXM Group which comprises Resourcing and Consulting businesses around the world – provides a comprehensive range of services that includes Strategic Advisory, Engineering, Asset Management & Maintenance, P3M and Digital, Infrastructure & Systems. Drawing on the depth of expertise located in offices across the UK, Australia, Canada and Dubai, we provide technical, commercial, advisory and turnkey solutions and are involved in projects that span the full product lifecycle. With integrity and collaboration underpinning everything we do, TXM Consult is a strategic partner and is focused on adding value to our clients’ business success.

  • TXM Consult is an innovative, forward-thinking business that challenges industry norms in everything we do and at the heart of our mission lies a commitment to service excellence.

    We are passionate about diversity & inclusivity and what better way to celebrate and promote this than getting involved in The Big Rail Diversity Challenge which is aimed at improving teamwork, camaraderie and understanding among colleagues from different backgrounds, fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. We are proud to stand behind The Big Rail Diversity Challenge and Women in Rail, as we help pave the way to a more diverse and inclusive future within the industry and beyond.

    Although the day is aimed at being good fun, let’s not forget this is a competition and TXM Consult will be turning up to win. Good luck to the rest of you … you’ll need it!