Govia Thameslink Railway

Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) was formed in 2014 and operates Southern, Thameslink, Great Northern and Gatwick Express. GTR is the largest operator in UK rail, with 850,000 passenger journeys made every day, accounting for 18% of all UK passenger journeys. The GTR network is made up of more than 200 train stations and almost 7,500 employees.

  • I’m excited that GTR is taking part in The Big Rail Diversity Challenge along with the wider industry. I’m passionate about creating diversity of thought, and this event is a fantastic way to break down barriers and work collaboratively to tackle challenges head on.

    We all have a responsibility to foster an inclusive workforce that is truly reflective of the world we live in, and as the UK’s largest rail operator, I want us to lead by example. To make rail fit for the future, we need diverse thinking, fresh ideas, creativity and teamwork – all of which will be put to the test at this event! I’m looking forward to the inspiration this will bring to our business.

    -Angie Doll, CEO of Govia Thameslink Railway