CPMS Group

Established in 2012 as an organisation that specialises in delivering rail projects safely, on time and within budget the CPMS ethos is simple; we approach work with a win – win perspective and now offer our services to the wider infrastructure market. The business is split into three main strands; the first being ‘Project Solutions’, whereby we provide alternative delivery strategies and guidance to successfully deliver projects. The second strand is ‘Resource Services’, in which we provide clients with high quality individuals that can take on specific roles within an organisation. Lastly, we offer ‘Business Consultancy’, which stems from the range of business experience we have to offer from within the company. CPMS have a track record of simplifying the complex across seven service areas:

  • Programme & Project Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Safety, Assurance, & Environment
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Design
  • Project Control & Governance

Posts regarding CPMS work in diversity

  • Diversity and inclusion are a priority for CPMS as our biggest asset is our people and with 55% of our workforce being women we have a shared goal with ‘Women in Rail’ to promote a shared and gender balanced working environment, looking to raise awareness and support for women within the rail industry. Our differences make us all unique and that is what underpins our diverse workforce, enabling us to offer different skills and expertise to businesses and our clients. This is reflected in our company culture where people are treated with respect, dignity and valued as individuals.

    CPMS are supporting ‘The Big Rail Diversity Challenge’ not only to promote women in rail but to act as an advocate of SME’s. UK SME’s employ 60% of employees, with 51% of the total private sector turnover being produced by them. Only 19% of these SME’s employing more than 1 person are female led. And so, with the Government looking to increase it’s spending by 33% by 2020, CPMS would like to help increase the opportunity’s for SME’s within the sector whilst simultaneously increasing the opportunities for women.