Coyle Personnel

Founded in 1988, Coyle Personnel is one of the UK’s top privately-owned recruitment agencies. Having started recruiting workers for the construction industry, Coyle Personnel now operates in multiple sectors, including rail, healthcare, technology, education, and more.

  • We wholeheartedly support the Big Rail Diversity Challenge and Women in Rail initiatives because they are steps towards creating a more diverse and inclusive rail industry. Embracing a diverse range of talents, backgrounds, and perspectives promote innovation, improves decision making and enhances the industry’s ability to accommodate a broader range of clients.

    The Big Rail Diversity Challenge provides a platform to showcase the industry’s commitment to breaking down barriers and promoting diversity in all aspects of the Rail industry. By participating, we demonstrate our dedication to building a workforce that reflects the communities we serve, inspiring more individuals regardless of gender or background to consider a career in Rail.

    By encouraging more women to join and thrive in the rail industry we help create a more balanced and dynamic workforce. Through these initiatives we are helping to promote positive change, driving progress, and ensuring a positive future for the rail industry.