Angel Trains

Angel Trains is one of Britain’s leading rolling stock asset management companies with a track record as an innovative and large-scale investor in the rail industry. Since 1994, Angel Trains has invested over £5 billion in new rolling stock and refurbishment programmes, supporting thousands of skilled jobs in the UK rail supply chain.

The company leases to the majority of franchised operators in the UK and owns and maintains over 4,000 rail vehicles – more than one-third of the UK’s passenger rolling stock. The company is committed to investing in fleets that meet the needs of today’s passengers and its expert team is at the forefront of rail vehicle innovations, safety, and reliability. Angel Trains’ ‘cradle-to-grave’ rolling stock approach goes beyond procurement, ensuring each vehicle is maintained to the highest standard throughout its lifecycle, offering the best value for our customers.

  • Angel Trains is wholly committed to supporting the diversification of the rail industry’s workforce and is dedicated to encouraging more women to view UK rail as a long-lasting career option. As a proud signatory of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Charter established by Women in Rail and the Railway Industry Association, we are delighted to sponsor Women in Rail. Founded by former General Counsel, Adeline Ginn, with the support of Malcolm Brown, CEO at Angel Trains, the group now in its ninth year encourages women to take up a career in rail, providing networking opportunities and support for all women in the rail industry. The group encourages key stakeholders to adopt diversity as a business strategy and actioning initiatives aimed at positioning rail as an attractive career choice for young people.

    The Big Rail Diversity Challenge is a hugely important step for Women in Rail’s agenda, allowing companies from across the industry to demonstrate their commitment to diversity alongside the business benefits of a gender diverse workforce. While Women in Rail has long provided women in the industry a platform with which to interact and support one another, this initiative seeks to encourage greater collaborative working.

    Angel Trains recognises that drawing on talent from a wide variety of backgrounds enables the industry to create competitive advantage and drive innovative solutions. By engaging a diverse pool of talent, the industry can tackle inequality head on, creating a more productive and successful industry in the process.